1982 Yamaha XJ750 by Bang Moto

March 27, 2016 Tyler White

The Yamaha XJ750 by Bang Moto
Salt Lake City, Utah

Bang Moto: 1982 XJ750 Build from Kaycee Landsaw on Vimeo.


I have always loved building things, in my youth it was building jumps for my bicycle. During college I worked as a carpenter, now my full time job is building swimming pools, and then every second I get after work is spent building motorcycles. The XJ actually started being built about 3 years ago, but it was always put on the back burner as other customer bikes would come in for small modifications and maintenance. Finally I told myself that I wasn’t taking anymore commission builds and that I was just going to build bikes the way I wanted to and really showcase what Bang Moto was capable of building. First on the list was finishing the XJ.


The bike right off the showroom floor looked pretty dorky so there was a lot to change in order to make this bike aesthetically pleasing. The tank is off of a Yamaha xs750, forks from a Suzuki gsxr1000, the original cv carbs were tossed out and replaced with round slide carbs. In order to have straight lines the upper sub-frame was removed and rebuilt. I wanted the pin striping to be simple and clean, and give homage to the bikes origins. Upholstery work done by a good friend of mine who was a tailor in New York, then moved to Utah where there just was not a demand for tailors, and started doing upholstery instead.



As many people probably find while making modifications to their bikes. There was a vision for the bike at the start but it ended up going far and beyond the original plans, it was one of those bikes that has been completely finished at least 4 times, and each time it came near to the finish line, I would decide that something else needed to change. The lesson that was learned was to plan and budget to do every modification from the beginning.





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