Posh Factory Mini Switches

November 24, 2014 Tyler White

We are really excited about this new product that we just got in. These sleek new hand controls will minimize the bulkiness of your OEM controls. the wiring is ran internally to reduce all of the clutter that comes with running your wires externally.

Part of Bang Moto's mission is to make custom parts that are not so readily available, more accessible. Posh Factory components are based out of Japan, which made the parts a little hard to track down and shipping took forever. So we are proud to announce the parts are just a few clicks from being at your doorstep. 

The pictures below are some of the Posh Factory Mini Switches that Salt City Builds bought from us and have installed on some of their bikes.


Currently we have in stock both colors of black and silver for both the 1 hole and 2 hole switches. Let us know if you have any suggestion or requests of parts that we should start stocking up on. 


Bang Moto

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