VF1100 Magna

March 25, 2015 Tyler White

This is where it all begins for Bang Moto, The 1984 Honda VF1100 Magna. With a whopping 116 horsepower motor, and six speed gear box, this beast is fast and luxurious. Did I know any different at the time of purchasing my first bike? No.  Did it really matter? Not really, I just wanted to get my hands on a bike and start customizing it.

In 2009 I was reading and article in Slug Magazine (Salt Lake Under Ground), about the SFK. At the time it was very inspirational to me, I was in college and didn't have any money. In the interview Simon Larson talks about becoming a self-taught mechanic and figuring out how to make his own parts rather than spending money on somebody else's fabrications. Just about everything that he said resonated with me. If you have some time make sure and read the article.


I was really itching to get a bike at this point, and as soon as I could talk my wife into letting me get one, I did. I found the Magna through an acquaintance that was upgrading his bike. I started off small with the modifications by swapping out the handlebars with some Renthal MX bars that I got for free from a friend who rode dirt bikes. I switched the headlight out to a round from the stock rectangle headlight. One of the biggest aesthetic changes was in the seat and subframe. You might notice that the hoop on the subframe is made from old BMX handlebars, I use those on all of my builds even still, to pay homage to my roots of growing up riding BMX.

The bike looks pretty mean and rugged, and thats the look that I was going for. It was a super low budget build, and it served its purpose. 6 years later I still have the bike, and although it doesn't get ridden quite as much as the others, I still can't seem to let go of it. 

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